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What are they all about?
What does the SF stand for?

What do they look like?
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Exciting new stock! Beautiful links for sewing on garb or making into necklaces

What are these all about?

The Lochac fealty chains are for use within the Society for Creative Anachronism in Australia, though use may be made of them within the SCA outside Australia's bounds.

The Fealty link - its history:

For many years the fealty sworn peers of Lochac discussed the issue of fealty chains. Under the West Kingdom laws, the plain gold open linked chain worn by Knights is reserved for the Order of the Chivalry, and members of the other Orders wished to have something that they could wear to show their fealty to the Crown.

After much discussion between the Pelicans, Laurels, Royal Peers and Chivalry of Lochac, a fealty link was designed and made. The design and concept were approved by all of the peerage councils of Lochac. The conditions of purchase are that this will be worn only by those who are in permanent fealty to the Crown. ie. they do not have a choice as to whether they swear fealty to each King and Queen; they must do so every time.

In many ways, the medallions themselves were a postscript to the creation of the fealty link. The Order of the Chivalry even get a medallion, which they have not had before. Mistress Rowan Perigrynne designed the links so that they would fit in with the fealty link, but the medallions can be worn on their own. The links are based on period chains such as the SS links of the Order of the Garter.

Landed Barons and Baronesses and Great Officers may wear SF chains, as they required to be in fealty while in office, but must hand the chain on to their successors.

Upon application, medallions may be made to represent particular offices or groups.

What does the SF stand for?

When I originally thought of the idea of the Lochac fealty link, I was basing my concept on the SS links of the later period. As SS chains are reserved for members of the Order of the Garter, I figured we couldn't use them. So, I thought that we could modify the second S to look like an F, and have it stand for Sevire Fidelis (service and faithfulness). The Orders seemed keen to have it stand for Sempre Fidelis, forever faithful, which seems equally appropriate to the meaning of the chains.

What do they look like?

To take a look at the larger versions of these photographs, click on the thumbnail

Kiriel wearing her Pelican Fealty Chain

Kiriel's Gold Pelican Chain worn on a red gollar

A number of options for chains

This thumbnail link actually goes to a page with a set of photographs of the Royal Peers medallion

For people of slightly earlier period, you might find that a belt of links would make a rather stunning accesory to your garb!

The Australian price

The cost for a fealty chain depends what you want as a chain style. The links are charged by the weight of metal and the plating costs:

  Medallion SF link
Gold plated $3.00 $2.50
Silver plated $2.50 $2.00
Pewter $2.00 $1.50

Just to give you an idea, my chain has 20 SF links and 10 Pelican medallions and is gold plated and thus would cost $65. Shorter chains, or chains in other metals, would cost less. If you order some medallions and need them posted to you, you may be charged postage costs. My preference is payment by cheque if you are in Australia, or credit card using Paypal. (you will have to figure out what the Australian dollar is against the US though...) For international orders, see the International Orders section

Other costs

You will need to purchase jump-rings to connect the links. We found that having one ring at the top and two rings at the bottom gave a good curve to the final necklace, and in period examples we have seen two rings at the top and three at the bottom. You can purchase jump-links at the same time as buying medallions and links.

Sterling Silver jump rings cost 20c each, and rolled gold jump rings are 35c each for 6mm rings. I know that this is a significant cost over an entire chain, but I am charging exactly what I am charged. Rolled gold means that the links will remain gold no matter what, as the gold is all the way through it.

If you would prefer plated rings, gold plated (5.5mm) and silver plated (5.5mm) are 3 cents each - the plating does wear off quite quickly, however you may find that the look is still acceptable to you; they do have the plus of being just that little bit stronger. If you can solder or glue them shut your chain will be quite secure.

About the metal

The pewter is lead free pewter. I ordered heavy gold and silver plating which, although more expensive should wear well. You can spray your medallions with lacquer to extend the life of the plating if you desire, and when, if ever, the plating wears off, because they are made of lead free pewter, they can be replated.

Want to order something?

Email Kiriel. My payment preferences are by cheque for Australian purchases and for International orders using Paypal.

International Orders

As I have received quite a bit of interest from people in the US, I have worked out the following charges for US customers. These charges are based on the fact that these chains are supplied to Lochac SCA members at pretty much cost price; I hadn't really intended for these to be internationally popular, so you guys get to help me to make a small profit!

US DOLLARS Medallion SF link
Gold plated $2.60 $2.00
Silver plated $2.10 $1.60
Pewter $1.60 $1.60

Postage and handling costs for one chain's worth of bits is $5 US. My preference for international orders is payment using Paypal.

About the GST and the Fealty chains

I pay GST on all the links, medallions and jump rings that are purchased. You are charged what I pay. There is no requirement for me to have either an ABN or be registered for GST, as
"The supply is made to you in my capacity as an individual, and the supply is made in the course of an activity that is a private recreational pursuit or hobby", and "I have no reasonable expectation of profit or gain from the activity undertaken and consider that I do not meet the definition of enterprise for tax purposes". Upon request, I can supply you with a signed "Statement by Supplier".


For more information email Kiriel or write to her at 60 Brebner Street, Evatt ACT 2617 AUSTRALIA


Here are sketched images of the medallions and fealty chain link.