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For those of you who would just love a sexy chain but are either not a peer, or not in permanent fealty, don't despair!

I will be stocking the following new items.

Most of these I only have in stock as samples, but can order in for you. They are available in pewter or in gold or silver plate.

Image Description Size of link (in cms) Price (each)
Order in   4.5cm $2
Order in This lovely tudor rose is sure to be a favourite 3cm $2
Order in   3cm $5
2 in stock An attractive heavy weight cross, this would be beautiful enamelled 3cm + 1cm loop $5
Order in   3cm + 1cm loop $5
Order in This is double sided 2.3cm 20c
Order in and this is the other side; I may be able to get different enamelling 2.3cm 20c
Order in These are delicate links 1.5cm 10c
Order in and are double sided 1.5cm 10c
These gorgeous links are double sided 0.9cm 10c
and are just so sweet 0.9cm 10c
In stock These would make a very impressive chain 2.2cm 50c
In stock Very similar to items found in the cheapside hoard 1.4cm 15c
The other side of this trefoil is dimpled so you can put pearls into it 1.6cm 15c
This complex design is still very petite 2.5cm 50c
  2.5cm 50c
In stock I just know that this will be a sell out! 1.5cm 15c
In stock These lovely bees are very Elizabethan in feel 1.5cm 15c
In stock These flowers are slightly concave so could be enamelled 1.5cm 15c
In stock and are extraordinarily similar to ones seen in the cheapside hoard 1.5cm 15c
In stock A marvellously useful link which would enamel well 2cm 20c
In stock in both gold and silver plate these petite links are, again, very reminiscent of the cheapside hoard 1.5cm 15c