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daffodil image ACT Cancer Society daffodil day  

Doug the daffodil day bear

Dougal the Daffodil Day Bear


daffodil buttonFriday 24 August 2001

Daffodil day is the main fundraiser for ACT Cancer Society. The funds raised provide cancer research and to help reduce the impact of cancer in the Canberra Region with AFFA raising $3667 in last year's effort. This year all sorts of goodies are available before the day itself, and as always we will be giving out daffodils in the cores in the morning.

I am looking for volunteers to give out daffodils in the morning and at lunchtime on the 24th. If you can spare an hour or so, please email me.

The products that are available this year include:

  • Dougal the bear, an adorable teddy bear with his own little orange Daffodil t-shirt $6
  • Pencil case containing a pencil, eraser and ruler in blue and gold $5
  • Distinctive blue and gold pens $4
  • Enamelled daffodil pin (a rather stylish new design) $5
  • The classic daffodil ribbon $2
  • Bobby pins; these cute daffodil bobby pins are two on a card for $2.50

These are available from:

  • The AFFA Executive C1L4W2
  • Robyn Hodgkin C4 L5 W4
  • The Core 1 reception desk L1
  • Anna Domitrjak C1 L2 W2


daffodil buttonRobyn Hodgkin
AFFA Daffodil Day 2000 Coordinator
x 5987


The amounts raised over the last 4 years of Daffodil day fundraising:

1997: $1600
1998: $2242
1999: $2557
2000: $3667